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Your Ultimate Guide to Micro Weddings

Updated: Jan 29

The Elysian Retreat Sedona was created to hold space for intentional couples that desired a more intimate wedding experience. We hope that when you choose us as your wedding venue, you too can see that love heals and that fostering deep connection is our ultimate priority.

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Less is more? Can this concept be applied to weddings?

My husband and I got married a year and a half ago in Sedona, Arizona with an original guest list of 150 people. I wanted it to be a big wedding. When I think back on my intentions of wanting a big wedding it was because I wanted all of our family and friends to experience a multicultural wedding and for them to experience the land that we fell in love with; Sedona. In full transparency, at the time I thought to myself, the more people that came, the more people that loved us. The year that we got married was also the tail-end of COVID-19 and a lot of people weren’t willing to travel. It ended up being a smaller wedding than we anticipated and perhaps the biggest blessing in disguise… What I realized throughout this entire experience was how much I valued intimacy and deep connection. Having two seconds to talk to someone in passing, while clinking glasses was NOT connection to me. Rather, kneeling in front of my parents during our tea ceremony and exchanging words never spoken out loud; was. Deep connection is the ability to show up exactly as you are; in your most authentic truth in a very vulnerable place and have someone meet you there and share their vulnerabilities.

Deep connection is the ability to show up exactly as you are; in your most authentic truth in a very vulnerable place and have someone meet you there and share their vulnerabilities.

And that is exactly why we have decided to hold space for this type of intimate wedding experience at The Elysian Retreat Sedona.

What are Micro Weddings?

Micro weddings are small, intimate weddings that typically involve fewer than 30 guests. At The Elysian Retreat Sedona, we we believe this offers couples the opportunity for ultimate intimacy to deeply connect with one another, and also form deeper, more memorable experiences with guests. Imagine a stress free experience without sacrificing intentionality, style, and sophistication.

Micro weddings, Sedona Arizona | Elopement AZ

Perhaps we need to rethink traditional wedding practices and hyper-focus on rituals that actually matter! Instead of going through the motions of what's always been done, let's shake things up and focus on the heart and soul of these rituals.

Why not take a closer look at each tradition and ask ourselves, "Does this really speak to us?" By shifting gears towards the stuff that really hits home, weddings can go from being all about the show to genuine celebrations of love, unity, and commitment. It's like a call to action for couples and communities to embrace rituals that vibe with their beliefs and values, creating weddings that feel more real and meaningful.

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Is a micro-wedding for you?

Picture this: an intimate gathering with just your nearest and dearest, skipping the whole big hullabaloo. It's like creating a little bubble of love and magic, surrounded by those who mean the most to you.

Imagine exchanging vows in an intimate setting, where every glance, every word, feels extra special. With fewer guests, you can focus on soaking in every moment, making memories that'll last a lifetime. It's like crafting your own love story, one sweet detail at a time. So, if you're all about sharing your big day with your ride-or-dies in the most heartfelt way, a micro-wedding might just be the perfect fit for your love story! Plus, with less people to please, you can totally customize every little detail to your heart's content.

Preparing for a Microwedding

Preparing for a micro wedding involves careful planning and attention to detail. Begin by creating a guest list, keeping in mind that this type of wedding typically includes only close family and friends. Choose a venue that accommodates your smaller group size and complements your desired aesthetic.

When it comes to decor and details, focus on quality over quantity. Select a few key elements, such as a stunning floral arrangement or an elegant table setting, that make a big impact. (If you decide to go with us, we have that all taken care of for you!) Consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator who specializes in micro weddings to ensure every aspect is taken care of.

Focus on quality over quantity.

For attire, a micro wedding provides an opportunity to break away from traditional wedding norms. Opt for a more casual, comfortable style or choose something unique and personalized to reflect your personality.

Creative microwedding, elopement micro wedding ideas

Finally, be sure to communicate clearly with your vendors and guests. With a smaller guest list, it's easier to accommodate individual preferences and needs. Providing detailed instructions and schedules to your vendors ensures a smooth and stress-free wedding day while keeping your guests informed allows them to fully enjoy the intimate and personal experience of a micro wedding.

Check out our wedding package or connect with us for your inquiries!

The Elysian Team


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