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We believe that intentional, intimate weddings are sacred...

and you deserve to just show up for it

Your love story, is worth holding deep, intimate space for.

That's why, at The Elysian Retreat Sedona, we are deeply committed to holding space for nature-inspired weddings of 16 or less. Our goal: we want you to come out of our experience loving one another even more.

Having a micro-wedding means; that you get to be super intentional on who's invited. After all, your epic love journey is monumental and only the ones that truly matter should be present.

Booking us, as your intimate reception venue is not your typical micro-wedding experience.
Rather than stressing about all the fine details, we want you to stay focused on your love...


Why it's done this way 

our story

We planned an elaborate wedding for a year with a guest list of originally 150+ people.


We spent a lot of time, money and energy thinking about what our guests would want and appreciate; since they would be the ones traveling to Sedona.


Day of the wedding, all the drama that transpired were from our guests. It was only after the wedding, that we realized, our most sacred memories from our wedding were the intimate ones; the first look, vow exchanges, small welcome dinner the night before.


When couples started inquiring to rent our space for THEIR elopements; THAT was when we discovered that elopements was even a thing!


Prior to that, we had this limited belief that weddings were ONLY done one way: elaborate, big, with extended families and people we rarely spoke to.

It was a powerful $85,000 lesson...

The Elysian Retreat

Wedding Experience

We are an intentional Sedona micro-wedding venue designed for intimacy.  We believe that love is eternal. We also believe that love heals. And finally we believe in keeping things small and intentional.


  • Private Access to Oak Creek

  • All Inclusive Microwedding
    Reception Venue


  • Over 3065 square feet of indoor space PLUS 2 large decks
    (perfect for entertaining guests)


Pick Your Experience

All options below are the same price. Choose your experience based on your tablescape design.
Custom designs are an extra cost. Please inquire with us for our microwedding packages in Arizona. Find out why we are ranked one of the best places to elope in Sedona, AZ.



For the sophisticated bohemian bride who appreciates natural, rustic, and vintage details.


You'll describe yourself as someone who can be free-spirited, loves to explore, and is open to different cultures, experiences and ways of thinking. You have an eclectic style with a touch of sophistication and elegance about you. You appreciate organic elements and nature but that doesn't mean you haven't forgotten about your urban roots. You still appreciate structure and that means classic elements with boho pieces.



Cathedral Rock

For the moody and romantic bride who appreciates the raw emotion of dark and light natural elements.

You'll describe yourself as someone who wants to do things differently on your wedding day. When we think the term “modern bride” we see the modern bride stepping out of the norm and being true to themselves. You are unconventional, out of the ordinary, and it probably explains why you're getting eloped in the first place! You appreciate contrasting elements and not your typical "all white" bride. At the end of the day, you want functionality and elegance.



Oak Creek

For the playful, whimsical bride who appreciates delicate touches and connects deeply to her inner child.


You'd describe yourself as quirky, playful, colorful and having a pretty wild imagination. You enjoy unconventional and unique styles all the while feeling deeply connected to nature. If you can imagine yourself getting eloped right by Oak Creek and even frolicking in the creek than our venue is perfect for you! You can transport your guests into a different dimension and tap into your inner child on your most important day.


*We offer custom designs for an extra cost. Please inquire with us.

Kristen and Roger took great care of us from the beginning.

They are on top of their communication and transparent with expectations of their guests and the accommodations provided. My husband and I booked this location for us and a few of our guests during our elopement. They also work with some exceptional private chefs and will provide micro weddings if it's something you desire. The way the house is decorated pays homage to the surrounding beauty and tranquility of Sedona. A short hike on a private trail reveals a section of Oak Creek. Every amenity is thought of within the retreat. We are so grateful to have picked this location and for the amazing people that own it. We are excited at the idea of staying here again!

Kari & Evan Bastian
Are you ready to tie the knot?

We got you.

You're ready to have an intimate wedding experience, if you can double tap a heart on any of these:

You're not the most extroverted person and you're not so into the idea of having 150+ guests stare at you while you walk down the aisle or do a first dance.

You're thinking; "I can't even think of what to eat for dinner next week, let alone pick 8 bridesmaids to stand next to me on my most important day ever! Yea, no thanks. Let's just keep it to the one's closest to me."

You're set on eloping, but also want something a little more fancy than just exchanging vows and taking photos. You want a nice intimate reception dinner afterwards with your favorite crew so you can celebrate and share this happy moment with them.

You do enough planning at work. You appreciate the small details but don't want to do any of the work and just want to show up and have everything done for you.

Sounds incredible!


We've thought of everything for you and meticulously crafted our experiences to give our couples ease of mind for perfect microweddings in Sedona. Each of our experiences above (Sedona, Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek) include the following:

On-site Day of Coordinator (Also includes two 60 minute sessions to fully execute your wedding and vendor recommendations)

Wedding Rentals; Tables, Chairs, Silverware, Plates, Linens, Glassware, Patio Heaters, Wireless Speakers

Reception Venue (Includes Reception Setup and Tear Down and Event Cleaning Fee)

Tablescape Decor and Design

Printed Menus for all Guests

Your investment


Up to 16 guests only. Does not include catering and nightly rate for The Elysian Retreat

If this excites the two of you and you'd like to move forward, please book a call with us so we can find out if we are a good fit for one another


  • What does a typical wedding experience at The Elysian Retreat entail?
    Estimated timeline of your day: Getting ready First look photos Ceremony either at the property or elsewhere in Sedona, (during this time is when we set up for your reception venue). Come back from ceremony, dinner is served with music playlist in the background. 9:30pm is when guests more than 8 need to leave as we only allow 8 guests at a time.
  • Can we have our Ceremony at the Elysian Retreat?
    Yes, it’s possible. We have couple spots on our property we can recommend. We can talk more about this in length on our first call together.
  • Is parking included?
    Yes. Our property holds up to 16 vehicles.
  • Does your package include a day of coordinator?
    Yes. Our package includes a day of coordinator if you decide to work with our list of preferred vendors. If you are bringing in outside vendors we are open to it as long as we have a conversation with these vendors before signing a contract.
  • Do you need a permit to elope in Sedona?
  • What is the best time of year to elope in Sedona?
    Our personal opinion is Fall and Spring.
  • Do we have to pay in full?
    In order to lock in your date, half of the payment must be made (non-refundable) and the other half of the payment will be made two weeks before your event date.
  • Can we use our own vendors?
    If you choose to use your own vendors we are open to it as long as those vendors are willing to have a Zoom conversation with us beforehand. We select our vendors with care and would like everyone that comes through our property be aware of certain property rules and boundaries we have.
  • Can we add to our package?
    Adding to your package would make it a custom package which we do accept. Pricing will change and we will share with you additional costs over our initial discovery call.
  • Do we have to stay at the Elysian retreat? Or can we just use it as a venue?
    Staying at the Elysian Retreat is not required. If you choose to just use our space as a venue; then all guests are required to leave by 9:30PM
  • How about music and dancing?
    Music and dancing are allowed. Out of our respect for our neighbors and Sedona’s culture, we ask all music and dancing to stop at 9:30pm
  • Can we have more than 16 guests?
    At the moment, we limit our venue space to only 16 guests. In the future we may change that rule but as of now we intend to stick with our intention of intimate gatherings of 16 guests or less.

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