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How The Elysian Retreat Sedona Was Born

Updated: Jan 29

If you are looking at possibly having your wedding at The Elysian Retreat Sedona, we think it’s important you know WHY we do what we do.

Kristen and Roger here 👋🏻 owners and creators of The Elysian Retreat Sedona.

It was actually through OUR OWN wedding mistakes that gave us this deep passion to help other couples like you, do things more intimately AND intentionally… you know that saying; quality over quantity? 

Here's our story:

We planned an elaborate wedding for a year with a guest list of originally 150+ people.

We spent a lot of time, money and energy thinking about what our guests would want and appreciate; since they would be the ones traveling to Sedona.

Day of our wedding, all the drama that transpired were from our guests. It was only after the wedding, that we realized, our most sacred memories from our wedding were the intimate ones; the first look, vow exchanges, small welcome dinner the night before.

When couples started inquiring to rent our space for THEIR elopements; THAT was when we discovered that elopements and tiny weddings were even a thing!

Prior to that, we had this super limited belief that weddings were ONLY done one way: elaborate, big, with extended families and people we rarely spoke to.

Let's just say...It was a powerful $85,000 lesson…

But It was because of this lesson that inspired us to create an intimate wedding experience for couples at our property... without all the stress and headaches that come with a large wedding. 

So there you have it! Our WHY.  Even if you don’t end up choosing us as your venue, we hope you take away the powerful lesson we learned as a couple.... that the love between the two of you, is ultimately what MATTERS MOST.

The rest of the world can just fall away.

To your love story,

Kristen & Roger 

P.S. If you're ready to take the next steps with us, book a video call - CLICK HERE


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