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Magic Hour


hosted by Kristen & Roger

Join owners of The Elysian Retreat, Kristen and Roger, in unlocking the magic of cacao circles for your intimate gathering

Are you searching for a unique and enchanting way to infuse your intimate gathering with love, connection, and positive energy? 


Welcome to "Magic Hour," where love, healing, and unforgettable moments converge, hosted by Kristen and Roger.

Discover The Heart of Your Gathering

During “Magic Hour," we specialize in hosting Cacao Circles that turn your micro-wedding, wellness retreat, couples retreat, vow renewal, or any other intimate gathering into an extraordinary experience. 


Our mission is simple yet profound: to help you connect deeply, celebrate love, and create lasting memories.


What are
Cacao Circles?

Cacao Circles are a centuries-old tradition rooted in indigenous cultures. We've lovingly embraced this practice and woven it into contemporary settings. Imagine gathering in a cozy, candlelit space with your loved ones, sipping on a warm, aromatic cup of ceremonial-grade cacao, and embarking on a journey of the heart together. It's an intimate and heart-opening experience like no other.

Why choose 'Magic Hour' with Kristen & Roger?

  • Experienced Facilitators: Kristen and Roger are passionate about guiding you through this transformational experience. They create a safe and nurturing environment for you and your guests to explore the depths of your hearts.

  • Customized Ceremonies: Each Cacao Circle is tailored to your unique event. Whether it's a marriage blessing or a retreat, Kristen and Roger will curate a ceremony that aligns with your intentions and desires.

  • Premium Cacao: We use the finest ceremonial-grade cacao from a 501c3 non-profit called KAKAO Drinking Chocolate ensuring a delicious and heartwarming beverage for you and your guests to enjoy. Using 55% cocoa butter content, as opposed to commodity/industrialized cacao at 26% average.

  • Enhanced Connection: "The Magic Hour" fosters deep connections and intimacy among your guests, making your gathering even more memorable and meaningful.


Our Offerings

  • Marriage Blessing Cacao Ceremony: Infuse your wedding day with love, intention, and connection as you and your partner embark on this beautiful journey together, hosted by Kristen and Roger.

  • Retreat Cacao Circle: Elevate your transformational retreat with a heart-centered ceremony that brings participants closer to themselves and one another, guided by Kristen and Roger.

  • Customized Cacao Circles: Have a unique gathering in mind? Kristen and Roger will work closely with you to create a customized ceremony that aligns with your vision.

Price per person


 Turn your intimate gathering into an unforgettable, sacred experience.
Hosted by the Elysian Retreat owners themselves
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