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⸻We invite you to be present, connect & create memorable moments.

A space dedicated to nature inspired

intimate gatherings

Nestled among 11,000+ acres of red sandstone Sedona formations, The Elysian Retreat offers an experience to love deeply, heal and be present with nature. Listen to the sound of water by Oak Creek. Reconnect with one's inner child. An intentional retreat and elopement venue designed for intimate gatherings. Eco-friendly and nature-inspired amenities. A transformative stay.


Eloping in Sedona

at The Elysian Retreat

We believe that less is more;
which is why we are deeply committed to only holding space for nature-inspired elopements of 16 or less. We have meticulously crafted the best Sedona elopement packages. We are intentional when planning with you for your 
Sedona elopement. Are you eloping in Sedona? We'd be honored to hold space for you. Click below to learn more!


Each of our rooms designed
with the four elements in mind

Sedona Elopement Packages -bedrooms designed with the four elements in mind
4 elements copy.png


Kristen & Roger Mansourian

"Sedona is a magical place where we first fell in love and one of our favorite places in the world. 

So we bought a space here with the intention to share our slice of heaven-on-earth, with whomever feels called to Sedona.

We are so excited for you to experience your own personal transformation here." 


Retreats in Sedona

at The Elysian Retreat

Feeling called to host a retreat in Sedona? Our sacred space has not only been blessed by Tibetan monks; disciples of the Dalai Lama; The Elysian Retreat has been intentionally designed to hold retreat space. With private access to Oak Creek to three distinct ceremonial spaces; we make it easy for facilitators to create a transformative, healing experience for their guests.



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Get In Touch!

Phone: (480) 352-9893 

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