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Lessons we learned from some of our favorite weddings

Updated: Jan 29

Since opening our doors and dedicating ourselves to be in service for couples on their most sacred day, we have learned a thing or two from each one of them. Here are our favorites from our team:

Life may get in the way of a perfect wedding day, but what actually matters is the love you have for one another.

One of the most beautiful weddings we ever hosted didn't start off on the right foot. Hayley and Andrew flew in from Toronto, Canada all the way to Sedona to get married at The Elysian Retreat. They landed in Phoenix the day before their wedding, and wouldn't you know it, their luggages was lost at the airport which included Andrew’s wedding shoes! But they didn't let that stress them out too much. Roger offered to lend Andrew his dress shoes and luckily by the next day their luggage was found. Because they went with the flow and had faith that things were going to work out as they should, they had an absolutely amazing wedding the following day.

You can pick and choose what you actually want for your wedding, instead of following a “traditional” wedding timeline.

A super fun and memorable wedding we hosted was for Tyler and Jenaye. They had a one of a kind request for their special day, a mariachi band for their tiny wedding! We loved that we were able to infuse Jenaye’s Mexican culture into their special day! We found an amazing local mariachi band and it turned out to be a completely unique wedding. Plus we made taco carts super luxe. We believe each couple can and should put their own personality and flavor into one of their most important days of their lives! 

Life should not be taken so seriously.

We love working with couples who aren’t afraid to be themselves! Kari and Evan's wedding day was nothing short of memorable. Kari, the playful and adventurous bride, orchestrated a prank for their "first look." Picture this: Evan, filled with anticipation, turned around to see not Kari in her wedding dress, but their friend Michael, a husky and hairy dude, sporting the gown instead. The sheer shock and laughter that ensued made for an unforgettable moment, reminding us all that sometimes, it's okay not to take your wedding day or life too seriously. It was a joy to witness such lightheartedness and love on their special day.

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Happy planning!

The Elysian Team


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